Shim for the SES StaticModuleRecord and module-to-program transformer

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<script type="module">
  import endoStaticModuleRecord from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@endo/static-module-record';



This package provides a shim for the StaticModuleRecord constructor, suitable for use with the SES shim importHook. The static module record accepts a JavaScript module and converts it into a form that SES can use to securely emulate JavaScript modules (ESMs, the mjs file format) with compartments.

import 'ses';
import { StaticModuleRecord } from '@endo/static-module-record`;

const c1 = new Compartment({}, {}, {
  name: "first compartment",
  resolveHook: (moduleSpecifier, moduleReferrer) => {
    return resolve(moduleSpecifier, moduleReferrer);
  importHook: async moduleSpecifier => {
    const moduleLocation = locate(moduleSpecifier);
    const moduleText = await retrieve(moduleLocation);
    return new StaticModuleRecord(moduleText, moduleLocation);

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