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  import esyOcamlFlowParser from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@esy-ocaml/flow-parser';



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Flow is a static typechecker for JavaScript. To find out more about Flow, check out flow.org.

This project is simply a repackaging of the Flow parser as an esy package for easy distribution on npm. Normally, there wouldn't be any need for this package, but here's why this exists:

  • Flow doesn't release new versions to opam frequently enough. It's very easy to make a new easy package that is more up to date and released to npm as an esy package.
  • Flow's release has a misconfigured META file.
  • This version makes use of dune namespacing to avoid module conflicts.


The table below defines relationship between original Flow versions and @esy-ocaml/flow-parser (this package) versions.

flow orig version @esy-ocaml/flow-parser version If applying fixes to @esy-ocaml/flow-parser
0.76.0 0.76.0 0.76.1, 0.76.2, ...
0.76.1 0.76.1000 0.76.1001, 0.76.1002, ...
0.76.2 0.76.2000 0.76.2001, 0.76.2002, ...

This is done so we can release fixes to the original Flow Parser code which include build changes / dependency constraint changes and etc.

Consume As Library:

To consume this as a library, just add "@esy-ocaml/flow-parser" as a dependency of your esy project.

To Build / Test flow-parser Locally:

You need Esy, you can install the beta using [npm][]:

% npm install -g esy@preview

Then you can install the project dependencies using:

% esy install

Then build the project dependencies along with the project itself:

% esy build

And test compiled executable: esy x lets you run built binaries by name.

% esy x TestFlow.exe


Flow is MIT-licensed (LICENSE). The website and documentation are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license (website/LICENSE-DOCUMENTATION).