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  import etchteamStorybookAddonStatus from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@etchteam/storybook-addon-status';


Storybook Addon Status

Storybook Status Addon can be used to add a component status label in Storybook.

React Storybook Screenshot


npm install @etchteam/storybook-addon-status --save-dev


Then create a file called main.js in your storybook config.

Add the following content to it:

module.exports = {
  addons: ['@etchteam/storybook-addon-status'],

In preview.js you can globally configure custom status configurations, or overwrite the built in "beta", "deprecated", "stable" & "releaseCandidate"

export const parameters = {
  status: {
    statuses: {
      released: {
        background: '#0000ff',
        color: '#ffffff',
        description: 'This component is stable and released',

Story Usage

Then write your stories like this:


import React from 'react';

export default {
  title: 'BetterSoftwareLink',
  parameters: {
    status: {
      type: 'beta', // 'beta' | 'stable' | 'deprecated' | 'releaseCandidate'
      url: 'http://www.url.com/status', // will make the tag a link
      statuses: {...} // add custom statuses for this story here

export const defaultView = () => (
  <a href="https://makebetter.software">Make Better Software</a>

.mdx (using addon-docs)

import { Meta } from "@storybook/addon-docs/blocks";
<Meta title="BetterSoftwareLink" parameters={{ status: { type: 'beta' }}  /> // 'beta' | 'stable' | 'deprecated' | 'releaseCandidate'

You'll get an awesome label injected in the top toolbar and the sidebar.

Note the type will be used as label for tag and will convert camelCase to words (release)

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