Changeset changelog generator

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  import fransvilhelmChangesetChangelog from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@fransvilhelm/changeset-changelog';



This is a package very similar to @changeset/changelog-github but with tweaks on how each release line is formatted. The goal is to make the changelog inputs look more like they do on the react repository.

While @changeset/changelog-github would format a changelog entry something like this:

- [commitsha] #1 Thanks @adambrgmn! - [summary]

… this package puts the commit/pr and user behind the summary:

- [summary] (by @adambrgmn in #1)

See this projects changelog for more detailed examples.


npm install --save-dev @fransvilhelm/changeset-changelog
# or with yarn
yarn add --dev @fransvilhelm/changeset-changelog


The configuration is done in your projects .changeset/config.json:

  "changelog": [
    { "repo": "user/repo" }
  // ... rest of config

Also note that for this changelog generator to work properly you need to set the environment variable GITHUB_TOKEN. This can easily be done with changesets's official GitHub action:

- name: Create Release Pull Request or Publish to npm
  id: changesets
  uses: changesets/action@master
    GITHUB_TOKEN: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}

If you use this together with some other CI service make sure to set the token according to that vendors recommended methods.