Futago-za Ryuu's ESLint configurations for JavaScript

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  import futagozaEslintConfigJavascript from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@futagoza/eslint-config-javascript';


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This package contains configuration files for ESLint v7.15+

These are configuration files for ESLint that are used to lint my JavaScript projects.

NOTE: Since the base configuration includes @futagoza/eslint-config-core, all the configurations also include it; this ensures you don't have to include @futagoza/eslint-config-core as a dependency when using this package.


$ npm i --save-dev @futagoza/eslint-config-javascript


Put the following into your configuration (.eslintrc.* file or the "eslintConfig" field in package.json):

    "extends": "@futagoza/javascript"


A list of usable configurations as well the configurations they use:


Copyright © 2017+ Futago-za Ryuu
Released under the MIT License, http://opensource.org/licenses/MIT