Lightweight react "pie" chart

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  import garvaeReactPieChart from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@garvae/react-pie-chart';




Lightweight react "pie" chart.


  • responsive (svg re-renders when it's needed)
  • ability to show some text in center "donut hole"
  • ready for TypeScript


react-pie-chart variants


You can choose if you want to resize the chart based on the parent size or if you want to set the size manually. If you want resizable chart, you must be sure the parent container does not have zero width and height. If you want to set the size manually just add the size property


npm install @garvae/react-pie-chart


yarn add @garvae/react-pie-chart



Data - an array of objects with properties described below:

Name Type Default Required Description
color string - + Color of chart segment. Must be a CSS 'color' type
order number - + Order of segment in pie chart map
segmentId string - + Unique id of chart segment
value number - + Value of segment

Required if size prop isn't given

parentRef - React.RefObject.<HTMLDivElement> - Ref to container element

Required if parentRef prop isn't given

size - number - Chart size. Chart element will not be resizable when this property is given


Name Type Default Description
className string SVG className
donutHoleClassName string Center circle className
donutHoleColor string "#ffffff" Center circle color
donutSegmentClassName string Circle segment className
fontSize string Center circle text size. Must be a CSS 'fontSize' type: 'px'
minSize number Chart minimum size
text string Center circle text. Must be short enough to fit in the center of the chart. Center circle will not be shown when this property is not given.
textClassName string ClassName of the
element that wraps center circle text
textColor string Center circle text color
textGroupClassName string (group) element that wraps center circle text
textSvgObjectClassName string element that wraps center circle text
debounceTime number 50 Prevents unnecessary re-renders. Default 50ms. Debounce disabled when 'debounceTime' = 0 or when 'size' property value is given


import ChartPie from '@garvae/react-pie-chart'

const DATA = [
        color: '#e74949',
        order: 1,
        segmentId: '001',
        value: 12,
        color: '#49bae7',
        order: 2,
        segmentId: '002',
        value: 17,
        color: '#e7a849',
        order: 3,
        segmentId: '003',
        value: 18,
        color: '#e76e49',
        order: 4,
        segmentId: '004',
        value: 9,
        color: '#78e749',
        order: 5,
        segmentId: '005',
        value: 30,

const App = () => {
    const ref = React.useRef<HTMLDivElement>(null)

    return (
       // here we use parent container size to resize chart depends on it 
              display: 'flex',
              width: '600px',
              height: '600px',
          <ChartPie data={DATA} parentRef={ref}/>


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