Leaflet.WMGS plugin (Web Map GeoJSON Service)

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<script type="module">
  import geonetLeafletWmgs from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@geonet/leaflet-wmgs';



Leaflet.WMGS plugin (Web Map GeoJSON Service)


npm i -S @geonet/leaflet-wmgs


const wmgs = new L.WMGS( {
    crs: L.CRS.EPSG4326,
    url: 'http://localhost:3000/wmgs',
    // requestPerCell: false,
    // filterTimeRange: {},
    defaultStyle: {
        color: 'red'
    query: {},
    // onCreateCell: ( bounds, coords ) => {},
    // onCellEnter: ( bounds, coords ) => {},
    // onCellLeave: ( bounds, coords ) => {},
    pointToLayer: ( feature, latlng ) => {
        return L.circleMarker( latlng, {
            radius: 8,
            fillColor: '#ff7800',
            color: '#000',
            weight: 1,
            opacity: 1,
            fillOpacity: 0.4
        } );
    onEachFeature: ( geojson, layer ) => {
        // Render the feature
        layer.feature.properties.type = 'AOI';
        this.drawLayer.addLayer( layer );
} );

wmgs.addTo( map );

map.on( L.Draw.Event.CREATED, e => wmgs.createFeature( e ) );
map.on( L.Draw.Event.EDITED, e => wmgs.updateFeatures( e ) );
map.on( L.Draw.Event.DELETED, e => wmgs.deleteFeatures( e ) );


option default required type description
url true String URL for WMGS API
CRS L.CRS.EPSG4326 false String Coordinate Reference Systems (default: equirectangular projection)
requestPerCell false false Boolean Request GeoJSON one cell at a time, or group all cells together
filterTimeRange { from: 0, to: 0 } false Object Filter objects based on time range
defaultStyle { color: 'blue', opacity: 1, fillOpacity: 0.4 } false Object Default polygon styling
query {} false Object Define query parameters to filter all responses by
select { type: true, properties: true, geometry: true } false Object Define parameters to select from DB (type, properties, and geometry must be defined to properly render GeoJSON)
onCreateCell false Function Called when a new cell is created
onCellEnter false Function Called when an existing cell is entered
onCellLeave false Function Called when an existing cell is exited
pointToLayer false Function Function that will be used for creating layers for GeoJSON Points.
onEachFeature false Function Function used to add GeoJSON to the map or allows for inspection of GeoJSON Features.


method params returns description
fetch Object (request options) {Promise<*>} Used to request the WMGS server
customRequest Object (request options) {Promise<*>} Allows user to make custom defined request to the WMGS server
getTypes Array Get the types of Features defined in the WMGS server
getFeatures bounds (L.latLng object) Object (FeatureCollection) Method used by module to request GeoJSON from WMGS. Method will pass all retrieved layers into onEachFeature
createFeature Layer Fetch response Add a WMGS Feature
updateFeatures Layer[] Fetch response Update WMGS Features
deleteFeatures Layer[] Fetch response Delete WMGS Features
timeFromObjectId ObjectID Date Converts an ObjectID into a Date
objectIdToTime Date ObjectID Converts a Date into an ObjectID