A Zopflli binding in universal JavaScript, built into WebAssembly

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google/zopfli is a compression library to perform gzip, deflate or zlib compression.

This library is a JavaScript binding to zopfli with WebAssembly. This is slower than native extensions for zopfli, but because wasm is a portable binary format, its installation is much easier than native extensions.


# for npm users:
npm install "@gfx/zopfli"

# for yarnpkg users
yarnpkg add "@gfx/zopfli"


In TypeScript:

import { gzip, zlib, deflate } from "@gfx/zopfli";

const input: string;
gzip(input, { numiterations: 15 }, (err, output) => {
    // output is compressed in gzip

Note that the gzip method is compatible with node-zopfli.


Exported as ZopfliOptions and its default is:

const defaultOptions: ZopfliOptions = {
    verbose: false,
    verbose_more: false,
    numiterations: 15,
    blocksplitting: true,
    blocksplittingmax: 15,

Using Zopfli with promises for async/await

There are "async"-suffixed versions that return promises:

// These functions return `Promise<T>` for async/await.
import { gzipAsync, zlibAsync, deflateAsync } from "@gfx/zopfli";

Using Zopfli in Webpack CompressionPlugin

You can give the zopfli.gzip function to CompressionPlugin:

// in webpack.config.js

const CompressionPlugin = require('compression-webpack-plugin');
const { gzip } = require('@gfx/zopfli');

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
    new CompressionPlugin({
      algorithm: gzip,






make benchmark-with-optimization

As of emscripten 1.38.37 with LLVM backend + NodeJS v10.16.0 + macOS 10.14.4, the result is as follows:

## payload size: 1
universal-zopfli x 162 ops/sec ±3.82% (80 runs sampled)
node-zopfli x 185 ops/sec ±3.37% (77 runs sampled)
Fastest is node-zopfli
## payload size: 1024
universal-zopfli x 2.04 ops/sec ±3.48% (14 runs sampled)
node-zopfli x 5.02 ops/sec ±1.03% (28 runs sampled)
Fastest is node-zopfli
## payload size: 1038336
universal-zopfli x 0.33 ops/sec ±6.77% (6 runs sampled)
node-zopfli x 0.32 ops/sec ±17.77% (6 runs sampled)
Fastest is universal-zopfli,node-zopfli

That is, the performance of universal-zopfli is about 50%-75% of native binding node-zopfli with 1KiB-1MiB payload.

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Copyright 2017, FUJI Goro (gfx).

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at


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And it links to google/zopfli statically, which is also licensed by Google under Apache 2.0 License.