Call-control in Twilio Flex using a Jabra headset

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  import gnaudioTwilioFlexCallControlPlugin from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@gnaudio/twilio-flex-call-control-plugin';


Twilio Flex Jabra Call Control Plugin

This plugin allows you the control Twilio Flex using a Jabra headset.

Warning: This software is in BETA. The software can be considered unstable, possibly untested and might be updated at any time. Use at your own risk. If you want to use something stable, please await completion of our development and Q/A process.


Download plugin-jabra-call-control.js, take this file and upload it into the Assets part of your Twilio Runtime.

You can also use in your own plugin, start by installing it via NPM og similar

npm install @gnaudio/twilio-flex-call-control-plugin

In your plugin's index.js file import the plugin

import { loadPlugin } from "flex-plugin";
import { Plugin } from "@gnaudio/twilio-flex-call-control-plugin";



Make sure you have Node.js as well as npm installed.

Make a copy of appConfig.example.js rename it appConfig.js, in the file, fill in the accountSid, with your Twilio Flex accountSid.

Afterwards, install the dependencies by running:

npm install

When you make changes to the plugin code, make sure to run:

npm run build

Or run

npm run start

To start the build process in watch mode

Then change directory to example, and run:

cd example
npm install

In order to develop locally, you can use the Webpack Dev Server by running:

npm run start

This will automatically start up the Webpack Dev Server and open the browser for you. Your app will run on http://localhost:8080. If you want to change that you can do this by setting the PORT environment variable:

PORT=3000 npm run start

When you make changes to your code, the browser window will be automatically refreshed.


Once you are happy with your plugin, you have to bundle it in order to deploy it to Twilio Flex. You do that from the example folder. Run the following command to start the bundling:

cd example
npm run build

Afterwards, you'll find a build/ folder that contains a file with the name of jabra-twilio-call-control-plugin.js. Take this file and upload it into the Assets part of your Twilio Runtime. And make a release on GitHub with said file.

To deploy to npm run:

npx np

And follow the onscreen instructions