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A JS library to give you wrapper Functions on top of Form.io. It creates all the necesary classes for you to use your Form.io forms as they were Models, working both online and offline

FASTjs + Form.io will help you develop faster in any Framework


To install this package in your project, you can use the following command within your terminal.

npm install --save fast-fastjs


The main function of FASTjs is FAST, this function will initialize all configurations, translations and register forms that you have in your Form.io project and will load them into the local LokiJs DB.

An example of the init for a Vue application

import {FAST} from 'fast-fastjs';

let config = await FAST.start(
            appConf          // {Object} Configuration for the FASTjs library

The appConfig variable

The config variable can be placed in two different ways: Directly as an object or as a remote Form.io submission.

We give the flexibility to pull the configuration every time we start the project specially for those mobile applications that we do not want to re-deploy every time we change a small configuration of the App. With the remote approach you can just simple update your Form.io Submission and the application will pull it for you.

// If we want to directly pass all configuration from here
  let appConf = {
    type: 'local',                     // {String} type of config "remote" or "local"
    config                             // {Object} full configuration of the App (check below)
    translations: TRANSLATIONS         // {Object} i18n translations for the app

// If we are storing our project configuration in Form.io
  let appConfigUrl = 'https://ydvyhgtgqlcasur.form.io/configuration/submission/5a956eav847b730402b25656'
  let appConf = {
    type: 'remote',                // {String} type of config "remote" or "local"
    appConfigUrl,                  // {String} Full URL tot he Form.io Form with the config
    translations: TRANSLATIONS,     // {Object} i18n translations for the App
    fluentFormioBaseUrl: FLUENT_FORMIO_BASEURL,
    offlineFiles: {
      Configuration: require('Configuration.json'),
      Roles: require('Roles.json'),
      lastUpdated: require('lastUpdate.json'),
      Translations: require('Translations.json'),
      Pages: require('Pages.json'),
      Forms: require('Forms.json')

In case you are using local config, your config object should look like this

Ouput String Values Description
project {String} 'MyApp' Name of the project
APP_ENV {String} 'prod', 'dev' Current Environment of the App ('prod', 'dev')
FAST_VERSION {String} '0.11.0' Version of the FAST App used
IS_SURVEY {Bolean} Set the app as Data Collection
TAB_MENU {Bolean} Should the pages display as Tabs?
HAS_SCORES {Bolean} Do the surveys have scores?
HAS_ABOUT {Bolean} Does they App have an About page?
HAS_REPORT {Bolean} Do the surveys have a Report page?
SAVE_REDIRECT {String} 'collected' Where should we redirect after save
APP_URL {String} https://uiprzrzfcxygdno.form.io What is the Form.io URL for the project?
APP_NAME {String} 'uiprzrzfcxygdno' What is the Form.io app name (Check App url)
APP_FANTACY_NAME {String} 'MyBApp' The custom name to display in the App
APP_NAME_DRAWER {String} 'MyBApp' The custom name to display in the App left Drawer
APP_PHRASE {String} 'A meaningful app' The phrase of the app
APP_ABOUT_NAME {String} 'MyApp' Name to display for the ABOUT link
MD5_KEY {String}Md5 '2448A2EF5FA031F4DC740C90C6A328B0' MD5 key for hashing
LOCAL_DB_PASSWORD {String} 'MySec!ur!Pas' Password to access local Loki DB
HEARTBEAT_URL {String} 'http://localhost:3000/' URL to check the connection Status
SYNC_INTERVAL {Int} 2000 Miliseconds to wait until the next Sync
MULTILANGUAGE {Bolean} Is the app multilanguage?
LOCAL_DRAFT_ENABLED {Bolean} Should we allow Local Draft submissions
PARALLEL_SURVEYS {Bolean} Enable the paeallel surveys functionality?
NAVIGATION_OPENED {Bolean} Should the page navegation start opened?
NAVIGATION_AUTOCLOSE_ON_SELECTION {Bolean} After selecting a page, should the page nav close?
DATA_REVIEWERS {Bolean} Does the app need the DataReviewers functionality?

If you are using Form.io to manage the config, you can use the following form to hold your configurations.

Remember to import this in your own Form.io Project.(View it here!)

FAST Models

FAST offers 8 main Models that you can use to access and manipulate your data

Model Name Description
baseModel The main model used for all others. If you need to create your own, you can extend this one
Configuration Access to all project configuration
Form Access to all Forms and Resources used in the application
Pages Access to all pages defined for the project
Role Access to all roles defined for the project
Submission Access to all submissions defined for the project
Translation Access to all translations defined for the project
User Access to the Users of the application

The models can be used to access both local (LokiJS DB) or remote data (Form.io Server) by calling the remote() or local() methods.

import {Form} from 'fast-fastjs';

let localForms = await Form.local().find();
let remoteForms = await Form.remote().find();

We could also work with both, local and remote using the merged() method

import {Form} from 'fast-fastjs';

let bothForms = await Form.merged().find();

We are still working on standardizing the methods for both local and remote so please check how each one works before trying to swap from one to the other

Method Name Parameters Description
getOwnName   Returns the Name of the Current Model
getFormPath   Returns the Form.io Path of the current Model
remote   Returns the Same Model but with the getFrom variable set to 'remote'
local   Returns the Same Model but with the getFrom variable set to 'local'
merged   Returns the Same Model but with the getFrom variable set to 'remote-local'
find   Find method on top of the Model {Array}
findOne   Find an element based on the filters and returns the first. {Object}
remove   Removes the given element from the storage
insert   Inserts a new element into the storage
update   Updates the given element
updateOrCreate   Tries to update an element, if it doesn´t exist it creates it
findAndRemove   Finds and element and then deletes it

Every model has acces to the same basic functionalities given by the baseModel

FAST Helper Functions

Function Name Description
Auth Useful set of functions to Authenticate and work with the Auth user
Event Native JS event emitter
Moment A wrapper on top of Moment to use all translations (multilanguage projects)
ParallelSurvey Set of functions to work with more than one survey at the same time
Localization Set of functions to work with the translations
OfflinePlugin The full Form.io offline plugin used. Useful when you have to activate, or deactivate the plugin