Ensures Tartufo is available for npm-based projects

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  import godaddyTartufoNode from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@godaddy/tartufo-node';


Tartufo, Managed By npm!

Tartufo is an open-source project provides tooling to look for and find secrets that may or may not have been accidentally committed to code. It provides a wonderful pre-commit mode that is perfect for keeping repositories clean of committed secrets.

This package exists to help orchestrate making sure Tartufo is available for use by local developers working in pure-javascript projects. When installed into your projects, it will provide a local you can use in your package.json scripts.

This package prefers to use a globally-installed tartufo if present, otherwise it will install a local copy.


This package requires that Python 3.6+ be installed and available. It expects to find python either at the command python3 or python if the former is not available.

This package does not currently support Windows!

Installing Python on a Mac

We recommend using Homebrew to install Python via brew install python.

Installing Python on Linux

Please follow your distro's recommendations for installing Python.

Installing Python on Windows

Windows is not yet supported with this package. This documentation will be udpated when it is supported.


Run npm install --save-dev @godaddy/tartufo-node to install in your local project

Example usage

You can use tartufo like any other npm-provided bin, for example to use tartufo as a pre-commit you could combine it with Husky:

  "scripts": {
    "tartufo:pre-commit": "tartufo pre-commit"
  "husky": {
    "hooks": {
      "pre-commit": "npm run tartufo:pre-commit"

Alternatively you could work with tartufo directly via npx, for example you could run npx tartufo --help in your project to see command line tools available to you.


This package provides a tartufo-helper tool to help diagnose issues locally. To do so, run npx tartufo-helper doctor to see debugging output. If necessary, it may recommend you run npx tartufo-helper reset to reset your local installation.

How it works

This package takes advantage of preinstall and postinstall npm lifecycle hooks. When installing into your package, two things will happen:

First, the preinstall script will validate your local environment and fail if it cannot find Python 3.6+.

Second postinstall script will check if you have tartufo available globally. If so, the postinstall script will exit as there is nothing to do!

However if no tartufo is available, it will create a venv locally (in the node_modules folder) and use pip to install tartufo.