Grafana Components Library

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  import grafanaUi from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@grafana/ui';


Grafana UI components library

@grafana/ui is currently in BETA.

@grafana/ui is a collection of components used by Grafana

Our goal is to deliver Grafana's common UI elements for plugins developers and contributors.

Browse the Storybook catalog of the components.

See package source for more details.


yarn add @grafana/ui

npm install @grafana/ui


For development purposes we suggest using yarn link that will create symlink to @grafana/ui lib. To do so navigate to packages/grafana-ui and run yarn link. Then, navigate to your project and run yarn link @grafana/ui to use the linked version of the lib. To unlink follow the same procedure, but use yarn unlink instead.

Storybook 6.x migration

We've upgraded Storybook to version 6 and with that we will convert to using controls instead of knobs for manipulating components. Controls will not require as much coding as knobs do. Please refer to the storybook style-guide for further information.