A hubot plugin/scripts to get funny blog post from https://twitter.com/devopsreact

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import halkeyeHubotDevopsreactions from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@halkeye/hubot-devopsreactions';


Devops Reactions Hubot Scripts

Hubot script to interface with the funny post from devops reactions blog


Update Hubot's package.json to install hubot-devopsreactions from npm, and update Hubot's external-scripts.json file to include the hubot-devopsreactions module.

Update the files to include the hubot-devopsreactions module:


"dependencies": {
  "hubot":        ">= 2.4.0 < 3.0.0",
  "hubot-devopsreactions": ">= 0.1.1"



Run npm install to install hubot-devopsreactions and dependencies.

Practical Use

Use hubot help or check the devopsreactions.coffee file to get the full list of options with short descriptions.

devops me


  • Retry on error
  • Report when service is down