Upload to Cloudinary with Uppy

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  import hally9kUppyCloudinary from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@hally9k/uppy-cloudinary';



This is a plugin for uploading files to Cloudinary via Uppy.

How to Use

Install via NPM:

npm install --save @capsureit/uppy-cloudinary

Use it in your project:

// Import via ES Modules
import CloudinaryPlugin from '@capsureit/uppy-cloudinary';
// Or Common JS
const CloudinaryPlugin = require('@capsureit/uppy-cloudinary');

// Use it on your Uppy instance
uppy.use(CloudinaryPlugin, {
  cloudName: 'my-cloud',
  uploadPreset: 'my-preset',
  apiKey: '1234567890',
  generateSignature: function generateSignature(paramsToSign) {
    // Include your own signature generation logic here.
  tags: ['a', 'b', 'c'],
  folder: 'prefix/for/publicId'


The plugin supports the following Cloudinary options:

  • cloudName (String)
  • uploadPreset (String)
  • apiKey (String)
  • folder (String)
  • tags (String[])

In addition, it supports the following options:



Accepts one argument, which is the parameters to sign, as an object.

Returns a signature string. See the Cloudinary docs for instructions on how to generate a signature


There are a lot of Cloudinary features we didn’t include, since this plugin was largely made to serve our current needs. If you would like to improve this plugin and/or add more features, please submit a pull request.