utils for DOM

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  import hintUtilsDom from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@hint/utils-dom';


DOM utils (@hint/utils-dom)

Set of helpers to process DOM. Supports parsing HTML into a light-weight implementation of a subset of DOM standards APIs.


This package is installed automatically when adding webhint to your project so running the following is enough:

npm install hint --save-dev


  • createHelpers: Inject and invoke within the context of a page to generate global webhint helpers for creating DOM snapshots and resolving unique IDs to Nodes.
  • createHTMLDocument: Create an HTMLDocument object from an string.
  • findOriginalElement: Perform a best-effort search to find an element in the provided document which is likely the original source for the provided element. Used to resolve element locations to the original HTML when possible.
  • getElementByUrl: Get an HTMLElement given a URL.
  • getHTMLCodeSnippet: Generate a Snippet code for a HTMLElement.
  • populateGlobals: Inject DOM APIs into the provided global context.
  • traverse: Traverse an HTMLDocument.
  • restoreReferences: Rebuild parent and sibling references in a DOM snapshot.