A module to provide a better and more accurate way to determine item type.

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  import hugoalhAdvancedDetermine from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@hugoalh/advanced-determine';


Advanced Determine (NodeJS)

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📝 Description

A NodeJS module to provide a better and more accurate way to determine item type.

🌟 Feature

  • Better and more accurate type determine similar to TypeScript.
  • Easier to identify empty string (""), empty array ([]), and empty object ({}).

📚 Documentation

For the official documentation, please visit GitHub Repository Wiki.

Getting Started (Excerpt)


NodeJS (>= v14.15.0) + NPM (>= v6.14.8):

npm install @hugoalh/advanced-determine

Use In CommonJS

const advancedDetermine = require("@hugoalh/advanced-determine");

Use In ModuleJS

import * as advancedDetermine from "@hugoalh/advanced-determine";

API (Excerpt)


  • areEqual(...items)
  • isArray(item, option?)
  • isBigInteger(item, option?)
  • isFunction(item, option?)
  • isGenerator(item, option?)
  • isJSON(item, option?)
  • isMap(item, option?)
  • isNumber(item, option?)
  • isObject(item)
  • isPlainObject(item, option?)
  • isRegularExpression(item, option?)
  • isSet(item, option?)
  • isString(item, option?)
  • isStringifyJSON(item, option?)
  • typeOf(item)

Example (Excerpt)

advancedDetermine.isArray([], { empty: false });
//=> false

advancedDetermine.isNumber(8.31, { float: true, positive: true, safe: true });
//=> true

advancedDetermine.isString("", { empty: false });
//=> false

advancedDetermine.isString("Hello World", { lowerCase: true });
//=> false