Icelandair's stylelint config

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  import icelandairStylelintConfig from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@icelandair/stylelint-config';




This package provides Icelandair's stylelint as an extensible shared config extending stylelint-config-recommended.

Additionally it provides an optional csscomb config for automatic css/scss formatting.


Assuming you already have a valid package.json:

yarn add -D @icelandair/stylelint-config stylelint


npm install --save-dev @icelandair/stylelint-config stylelint



If you are writing a React application or component your .stylelintrc will look like this:

  "extends": "@icelandair/stylelint-config"

Is is possible to disable or activate additional rules.


  "extends": "@icelandair/stylelint-config",
  "rules": {
    "max-nesting-depth": 4,

Full list of rules can be found in stylelints user guide.

To exlude files or folders, create a .stylelintignore file next to the stylelintrc. Documentation in the stylelint user guide

Install stylelint extension to atom, vsCode, sublime to get warnings when editing files.

Add a script in your package.json, example:

"lint:styles": "stylelint 'src/**/*.scss' --fix"


To utilise the csscomb config for automatic code formatting you will need to add a .csscomb file to the root of your project.

  "extends": "node_modules/@icelandair/stylelint-config/csscomb.json"

Additionally you need to install the csscomb plugin to your editor and activate the format on save option.

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