nyc configuration that works with typescript

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  import istanbuljsNycConfigTypescript from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@istanbuljs/nyc-config-typescript';



Handy default configuration for instrumenting your TypeScript-backed project with test coverage using nyc.

First install the dependencies:

npm i -D nyc source-map-support ts-node @istanbuljs/nyc-config-typescript

Your tsconfig.json must be configured to produce source maps, either inline or as sibling files.


And write a .nycrc that looks like this:

    "extends": "@istanbuljs/nyc-config-typescript",
    // OPTIONAL if you want coverage reported on every file, including those that aren't tested:
    "all": true

This package specifies the cache, exclude, and extension options for you - only override those if you absolutely must. If you are going to modify include or exclude and you have specified a separate outDir in tsconfig.json, make sure that it remains included so that source mapping is possible.

Running Tests

If you're using mocha

In test/mocha.opts:

--require ts-node/register #replace with ts-node/register/transpile-only if you have custom types
--require source-map-support/register
<glob for your test files>

Now setup the test scripts in your package.json like so (with the equivalent for your test runner):

    "test": "tsc && nyc mocha"

If you're using Jasmine

In package.json:

    "test": "tsc && nyc --require ts-node/register jasmine"