Get information on data files, split and preserve headings

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  import jadesrochersFilereworker from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@jadesrochers/filereworker';


File Reworker

Has a variety of helper functions for working with files to get file stats
like path,stats, name. The main functions though are for splitting files by size or by lines
into smaller files.

Whats the Use?

The file helpers are just little shortcuts, but the splitting functions
are used for making very large files into smaller files without breaking
lines in data such as text,csv.


npm install @jadesrochers/filereworker

const filere = require('@jadesrochers/checksettings')


There are several ways to split files; by size, number, and cores,
with each option having size and lines sub options.

Manually split by size or lines

Split a file into pieces specified by size in Mb.


Split a file into pieces specified by number of lines.


For both these functions, if the size/lines does not result in evenly
dividing the file, the last file will be the remainder so the others are equal.

Automatic sizing of the splits

For these functions you don't need to provide a size or lines argument, just an indication of which size metric to use.

Split into even size/line piece specifying just the number

Specify the number of files, and based on either lines or size will try and make that exact number as even as possible.


Split by number of cores

Splits files into pieces based on the number of cores you have minus 1.
There is a size(S) and lines(L) version based on which will more accurately
split up the processing workload for the resulting files.


Helper functions

Some function to do basic path and sizing tasks.

Get file name:

>> filename.txt 

Get a file path:

>> /test/name

Get file name without extension:

>> fakefile

Get file size in Mb:


Get number of lines in file: