a basic event emitter

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  import jkrosoEmitter from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@jkroso/emitter';



A simple but optimized event emitter.


  • inherited subscriptions: This allows you to define subscriptions on the class rather than on each instance of a class which is both more efficient in terms of memery and sometimes cleaner too.


npm install @jkroso/emitter

import Emitter from 'emitter'



Emitter constructor. Can optionally also act as a mixin

Emitter#emit(topic, [...args])

Process event. All arguments after topic will be passed to all listeners

emitter.emit('event', new Date)

Emitter#on(topic, fn)

Add a subscription under a topic name

emitter.on('event', function(data){})

Emitter#off([topic], [fn])

Remove subscriptions

emitter.off()            // clears all listeners
emitter.off('topic')     // clears all `topic` listeners
emitter.off('topic', fn) // as above but only where `listener == fn`

Emitter#once(topic, fn)

subscribe fn but remove if after its first invocation

Emitter.hasSubscription(emitter, topic, [fn])

see if emitter has any subscriptions matching topic and optionally also fn

Emitter.subscriptions(emitter, topic)

get an Array of subscriptions for topic