Parser and validator for apps manifest.json file

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Manifest parser

Manifest file

Below is a sample manifest file with description of their key/value pairs.

  "name": "sales-force",
  "displayName": "Sales force",
  "version": "1.0.0",
  "bundleDir": "dist",
  "slots": [
      "url": "dist/index.html",
      "location": "messenger-home-screen"
  "access": "public",
  "platforms": ["messenger"],
  "whiteListedDomains": ["https://{{ prompts.desk }}.salesforce.com"],
  "prompts": [
      "key": "apiKey",
      "label": "Api Key",
      "description": "Api key required to authenticate with sales force",
      "type": "text",
      "access": "public",
      "required": true
  "secrets": {
    "gaKey": "GA90121003"

name (required)

The app name must be unique in the entire marketplace. We follow the npm naming rules.

displayName (optional)

Name to be used for display purpose. This will be shown in the marketplace listing.

version (required)

A valid semver version.

bundleDir (optional = dist)

Directory to be zipped and published with the apps marketplace.

slots (required)

  • An array of slots, defining the url and the location.
  • A minimum of one slot is required to render the app.
  • Since the url can be relative URL to the file-system. This package doesn't validate the type/format of the url.

Below is the list of allowed platforms.

  1. case-sidebar (agent)
  2. user-sidebar (agent)
  3. organisation-sidebar (agent)
  4. messenger-home-screen (messenger)

access (optional = private)

App access. It can be public or private.

Private apps can only be installed by the app publisher and public apsp will be available on the marketplace for everyone.

platforms (required)

An array of platforms supported by the app. An app can run on multiple platforms by defining appropriate slots.

For example, you can have 2 slots one for the agent and other for the messenger.

  "slots": [
      "location": "case-sidebar",
      "url": "dist/agent.html"
      "location": "messenger-home-screen",
      "url": "dist/messenger.html"
  "platforms": ["agent", "messenger"]

Below is the list of allowed platforms.

  1. agent
  2. messenger

whiteListedDomains (required)

An array of whitelisted domains to be available to HTTP requests.

If your app does not define whiteListedDomains, it will not be able to make an HTTP requests.

Also you can define dynamic placeholders values for runtime values. For example

  "whiteListedDomains": [
    "http://salesforce.com?key={{ prompts.apiKey }}"

prompts (optional)

An array of prompts to collect data from when someone install your app. The values for prompts can be accessed as {{prompts.<key>}} when making HTTP requests.

Each object can/must have following keys.

Key Required Default value Description
key Yes null Required and must be unique
label No Human readable form of key Label to displayed next to the form field
description No null Prompt description
access No private Prompt access level. It must public or protected. The values for public prompts are passed to the app initializer.
type No text Prompt type. Must be text, secure, longtext or json.
required No true Whether or not prompt is required

secrets (optional)

A key/value store of app secrets. Each app can save secrets to be used during the HTTP requests without exposing them to the client.