Yelp Fusion for TypeScript

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Node.js Client for Yelp Fusion Services

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Use Node.js? Want to find businesses & reviews on yelp? This library brings the Yelp Fusion API Web Services to your Node.js application.

The Node.js Client for Yelp Fusion is a Node.js Client library for the following Yelp Fusion APIs:

Keep in mind that the same terms and conditions apply to usage of the APIs when they're accessed through this library.


NOTE: This library is a work in progress. use or contribute at your own risk.

This library is designed for server-side Node.js applications. Attempting to use it client-side, in either the browser or any other environment like React Native, may in some cases work, but mostly will not. Please refrain from reporting issues with these environments when attempting to use them, since server-side Node.js applications is the only supported environment for this library.

Quick Start

$ npm install @kob490/yelp-fusion-plus

Reference Documentation

The generated reference documentation can be found here. The TypeScript types are the authoritative documentation for this library and may differ slightly from the descriptions.


In order to run the end-to-end tests, you'll need to supply your API key via an environment variable in the .env file.


To start working, run the watch:build task using npm or yarn.

npm run watch:build

In another terminal tab/window, run the watch:test task:

npm run watch:test

These watch tasks make development much faster and more interactive. They're particularly helpful for TDD/BDD workflows.

These watch tasks will build and watch the entire project for changes (to both the library source files and test source files). As you develop, you can add tests for new functionality – which will initially fail – before developing the new functionality. Each time you save, any changes will be rebuilt and retested.

typescript-starter's watch task

Since only changed files are rebuilt and retested, this workflow remains fast even for large projects.


This library is community supported.

If you find a bug, or have a feature suggestion, please log an issue. If you'd like to contribute, please read How to Contribute.