CLI tool to build Koop projects

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An easy-to-use CLI tool to quickly build Koop applications and plugins


  • follow Koop specification
  • minimal project templates
  • full development cycle support
  • console commands + Node.js APIs
  • cross-platform


Use npm

npm install -g @koopjs/cli

Use yarn

yarn global add @koopjs/cli

Once installed the koop command is available at the console.


Create a new Koop application with the name my-koop-app

# create a project folder and initialize it
koop new app my-koop-app

# cd in the folder
cd my-koop-app

Add a provider @koopjs/filesystem-s3 from npm

# install the provider and register it to the koop app
koop add provider @koopjs/filesystem-s3

Add a custom provider that connects to a local database

# add boilerplate provider files at src/providers/local-db and register it to
# the koop app (though you still need to implement the provider)
koop add provider providers/local-db --local

Test out your work

# run the koop server
koop serve


koop <command>

  koop new <type> <name>  create a new koop project
  koop add <type> <name>  add a new plugin to the current app
  koop remove <name>      remove an existing plugin from the current app
  koop list [type]        list plugins added to the current app
  koop test               run tests in the current project
  koop serve [path]       run a Koop server for the current project
  koop validate           validte the current plugin

  --quiet    supress all console messages except errors
                                                      [boolean] [default: false]

Each command comes with the corresponding node.js API and this CLI can be used as a library. For detail information, please read the command documentations.