Experimental KoopJS output plugin for OGC API - Feature

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  import koopjsOutputOgcapiFeatures from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@koopjs/output-ogcapi-features';



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Experimental output plugin for OGC API - Feature (AKA WFS 3.0). This output turns the dataset from any provider into a single-collection service.

Implemented specs:

Implemented routes:

  • /conformance
  • /collections
  • /collections/:collectionId
  • /collections/:collectionId/items
  • /collections/:collectionId/items/:featureId


npm install @koopjs/output-ogcapi-features


This provider can be registered in a Koop app.

const Koop = require("koop");
const ogcOutput = require("@koopjs/output-ogcapi-features");


If the app is developed using the Koop CLI, it can be auto-registered with

koop add @koopjs/provider-ogcapi-features