a specification for mapbox gl styles

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Mapbox GL style specification & utilities

This directory contains code and reference files that define the Mapbox GL style specification and provides some utilities for working with Mapbox styles.

npm package

The Mapbox GL style specification and utilities are published as a seperate npm package so that they can be installed without the bulk of GL JS.

npm install @mapbox/mapbox-gl-style-spec

CLI Tools

If you install this package globally, you will have access to several CLI tools.

npm install @mapbox/mapbox-gl-style-spec --global


$ gl-style-composite style.json

Will take a non-composited style and produce a composite style.


This repo contains scripts for migrating GL styles of any version to the latest version (currently v8). Migrate a style like this:

$ gl-style-migrate bright-v7.json > bright-v8.json

To migrate a file in place, you can use the sponge utility from the moreutils package:

$ brew install moreutils
$ gl-style-migrate bright.json | sponge bright.json


$ gl-style-format style.json

Will format the given style JSON to use standard indentation and sorted object keys.


$ gl-style-validate style.json

Will validate the given style JSON and print errors to stdout. Provide a --json flag to get JSON output.

To validate that a style can be uploaded to the Mapbox Styles API, use the --mapbox-api-supported flag.