Close DDP connections gradually on server shutdown

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  import meteorjsDdpGracefulShutdown from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@meteorjs/ddp-graceful-shutdown';



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This npm package is designed for use with Meteor apps running on platforms such as Galaxy which send SIGTERM signals and wait a grace period before killing processes.

To use on Galaxy:

import {DDPGracefulShutdown} from '@meteorjs/ddp-graceful-shutdown';
import {Meteor} from 'meteor/meteor';

new DDPGracefulShutdown({
  gracePeriodMillis: 1000 * process.env.METEOR_SIGTERM_GRACE_PERIOD_SECONDS,
  server: Meteor.server,

This registers a SIGTERM handler which will call ddpGracefulShutdown.closeConnections({log: true}). To trigger on a different signal, disable logging, or only trigger after some other clean up, just call that method yourself from an appropriate handler.

You should call this from top level code as soon as possible; this means that it will run before the Meteor webapp package starts listening. If it is created after connections already exist, they will not be tracked.

This should work on all recent Meteor releases --- the onConnection API it relies on was introduced in 0.7.0, and it is transpiled to ES5 on npm.