A simple parser for brazilian addresses

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This module is a simple parser for Brazilian addresses. This receives a complete address string and split it in 'street', 'number', 'complement', 'neighborhood', 'city' and 'state'.

How to install

npm install @minutrade/br-address-parser --save

How to use

const brAddressParser = require('@minutrade/br-address-parser');

const completeAddress = 'Av. Brasil, 1245 - Bloco 2 Ap 203 - Centro - Belo Horizonte - MG';
const parsedAddress = brAddressParser.parse(completeAddress);

The above example transforms the string "Av. Brasil, 1245 - Bloco 2 Ap 203 - Centro - Belo Horizonte - MG" into the following object:

    "street": "Av. Brasil",
    "number": "1245",
    "complement": "Bloco 2 Ap 203",
    "neighborhood": "Centro",
    "city": "Belo Horizonte",
    "state": "MG"

If you want to fill some fields with default values when they are empty, then you can use defaultFields parameter:

const completeAddress = 'AV ANAVILLE 1-QD 3 LT 4 - RESIDENCIAL ANAVILLE - ANAPOLIS - GO';
const parsedAddress = brAddressParser.parse(completeAddress, { number: 'S/N' });

The above example transforms will put S/N in the number field, because parsed address returns empty number:

   "street": "AV ANAVILLE 1",
   "number": "S/N",
   "complement": "QD 3 LT 4",
   "neighborhood": "RESIDENCIAL ANAVILLE",
   "city": "ANAPOLIS",
   "state": "GO"

When the address cannot be parsed, the parse function returns null.

How to Test

npm test


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.