Modding tools and CLI to generate CA modding pack for Total War Warhammer II

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Modding toolbox for Total War Warhammer II.


warning This package has been renamed to @mklabs/npfm, all previous version of npfm have been deprecated in favor of a scoped package.

# CLI installed globally
npm install @mklabs/npfm -g

# as a lib
npm install @mklabs/npfm


This package aims to provide a companion CLI app to the Assembly Kit for Warhammer II.

It enables a workflow where most of your edits are done through Dave and your text editors. Whenever a file changes, npfm will trigger an update in your mod.pack

It acts as a bridge between the Assembly Kit and PackFileManager executable. It does so thanks to pfm.exe found in PackFileManager, which is a little CLI to manipulate mod packs.

You don't need to manually download PackFileManager, and won't interfere with the one you might already have installed. On install, this package will automatically download the latest PFM version, and put it in the .pfm folder.


With bob: Assembly Kit (Dave) => Export changes to binaries => bob => retail/data/mod.pack
With npfm: Assembly Kit (Dave) => Export changes to binaries => npfm => npfm_generated_mod.pack

npfm can effectively be use to feed PFM with the working_data/ directory structure and generate a pack out of it.

npfm pack



Usage: npfm [command] [options]

      npfm [watch|serve|init] [options]
      npfm [install|watch|serve|init] [options]

  init        - run the init template
  create      - run a given create template
  serve       - start a development server with watch mode enabled
  pack        - generate a pack file
  pfm         - forwards the arguments and options to pfm executable
  watch       - watch files for file changes using npm-watch

  -h, --help

Create a mod pack from a given directory tree structure with npfm pack.

Usage: npfm pack [destination] [options]

  -s, --src     Source files (default: **/*)
  --glob[s]     Alias for src
  --cwd         Working directory (default: ./working_data)

  # next to your working_data/ directory
  npfm pack --glob "**/*" data/retail/mod.pack

  # if not, or if your files live in another directory structure
  npfm pack --glob "script/**/*" --cwd "src/awesome_mod/"  retail/data/awesome_mod.pack

The src and cwd can be changed to generate the proper directory structure within the mod.

.npfmignore file

Similar to .gitignore or .npmignore files, you can setup a list of pattern you'd like to exclude from the produced mod.pack.

To do so, create a .npfmignore file in the current working directory:


These globs patterns have to be relative to the provided --cwd option.

Starter Kit

TODO create template to init a new project


Huge thanks to PackFileManager authors and maintainers.

All the heavy lifting of putting exact bytes at the correct position have been done by PFM developpers.