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Typescript Utilities library

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Utils is intended to make development of NodeJs apps faster & easier by defining various methods to work with arrays, string, objects, among others.

The functions in this library are expected to be static for the forseable future, only having improvements but never changing input parameters, return values or types.


Install the package

npm install @n3okill/utils

There's multiple ways to use the library:

import * as Util from "@n3okill/utils";


import { Type, ArrayUtil } from "@n3okill/utils";

Runing tests

  • npm run lint: runs the linter
  • npm run unit: run unit tests
  • npm test: run both lint and unit tests


If you find a problem with the package you can

or even make a

Proposing a new helper

If you wan't to propose a new helper, following this steps would be much apreciated:

  • Develop the new helper, with clean and readable code
  • Develop tests for the new helper
  • Include in the comments a description of what the helper does, the input arguments and what it returns


This package is divided into modules, and there's no access to individual functions.


Just check the tests folder

Why this module

There are many other utilities packages out there that can do some or most of the things that this package can, and the problem is mainly that, there are many packages and some of them with many dependencies, this package was built to don't have any dependencies, excluding dev dependencies, and it's expectable to don't have any dependencies in the future, unless it's a very simple dependency with none dependencies (excluding dev).

This is a very opinionated package but there's no reason to exclude any improvements or adding new helpers.


MIT License

Copyright (c) 2016 - 2021 Joao Parreira joaofrparreira@gmail.com