npm install @nacelle/client-js-sdk

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import nacelleClientJsSdk from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@nacelle/client-js-sdk';


Nacelle Client SDK

How to use

npm install @nacelle/client-js-sdk

Instantiate Client

import NacelleClient from '@nacelle/client-js-sdk'

const settings = {
  locale: 'en-us',
  nacelleEndpoint: 'https://hailfrequency.com/v2/graphql',

const client = new NacelleClient(settings)

With the client initialized you now have access to four modules, data, checkout, events, and status that will allow your app to interact with Nacelle and your data.

Register Attribution Event

Any event type can be registered as an attribution event. The first parameter is the event type and the second is the event data to attribute to future events.

client.events.onAttributionEvent('productRecommendation', (event) => ({
  sourceHandles: event.sourceHandles,
  recommendedHandles: event.recommendedHandles,
  clickedHandle: event.clickedHandle,
client.events.onAttributionEvent('search', (event) => ({
  query: event.query,
  resultCount: event.resultCount,

The most recent attribution event data will then be attached to subsequent events that occur. For example search data may be attributed to a productView event.