Fixes JavaScript typeof operator using Symbol.toStringTag

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  import nbshToType from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@nbsh/to-type';



Fixes JavaScript typeof operator using Symbol.toStringTag


$ npm i -S @nbsh/to-type
$ yarn add @nbsh/to-type


import { strictEqual } from 'assert';
import { toType, Types } from '@nbsh/to-type';

toType(4); // "number"
toType('abc'); // "string"
toType(true); // "boolean"
toType({ a: 4 }); // "object"
toType([1, 2, 3]); // "array"
toType(new Date()); // "date"
toType(/a-z/); // "regexp"
toType(undefined); // "undefined"
toType(null); // "null"
toType(new TypeError()); // "error"
toType(() => {}); // "function"

strictEqual(toType(4), Types.Number); // true
strictEqual(toType('abc'), Types.String); // true


toType(object: unknown): string

The toType() method return the default string description of the object it receive as argument. toType() do not affect the object itself. See Symbol.toStringTag.

Types: enum

The Types enum represent the well-known string descriptions that toType() method return. Note, implementing a class that overrides the toStringTab symbol will not make its value available within this enum.