Minimal xlsx file and zip archive generator in javascript

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import neoviciNullxlsx from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@neovici/nullxlsx';



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Minimal JavaScript library to create XLSX spreadsheet and ZIP archive files.

No dependencies, focused on library size only. Weights 10k minimized, 3k zipped.

Example usage

// Data should be array of arrays
var data = [['Title 1', 'Title 2'],
    ['Carl', 12.4, new Date(2017, 7 - 1, 10)],
    ['Mia', 678, new Date()]

// Create xlsx
var xlsx = new NullXlsx('test.xlsx')
    .addSheetFromData(data, 'Sheet name');

// Generate a link to download the file
document.body.appendChild(xlsx.createDownloadLink('Download test.xlsx'));


The "dist" directory has three files:

File Size (gz) Description
nullzip.min.js 4k (1.7k) ZIP creator only
nullxlsxonly.min.js 9.9k (3.3k) XLSX creator only (ZIP parts are there but not exposed)
nullxlsx.min.js 10k (3.4k) Both


Currently this is a node module, only to get closure compiler neatly integrated.

There is a doubt that this works with "require".

Make a clone and then run yarn to prepare.

Edit the files in src/.

Compile again by re-running yarn.


To run tests locally, run yarn test.