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NGXS Actions Executing




This plugin allows you to easily know if an action is being executed and control UI elements or control flow of your code to execute. The most common scenarios for using this plugin are to display loading spinner or disable a button while an action is executing.

Quick start

Install the plugin:

  • npm
npm install --save @ngxs-labs/actions-executing
  • yarn
yarn add @ngxs-labs/actions-executing

Next, include it in you app.module.ts

import { NgxsModule } from '@ngxs/store';
import { NgxsActionsExecutingModule } from '@ngxs-labs/actions-executing';

    imports: [
            //... your states
export class AppModule {}

To use it on your components you just need to include the following @Select()

import { actionsExecuting, ActionsExecuting } from '@ngxs-labs/actions-executing';

export class SingleComponent {
    @Select(actionsExecuting([MyAction])) myActionIsExecuting$: Observable<ActionsExecuting>;

then you can disable a button or display a loading indicator very easily

<button [disabled]="myActionIsExecuting$ | async" (click)="doSomething()">
    My Action

<span *ngIf="myActionIsExecuting$ | async">

More examples

actionsExecuting selector returns the type ActionsExecuting

type ActionsExecuting = { [action: string]: number } | null;

This allows you to know which actions and how many of them are being executed at any given time.

You can also pass multiple actions to the selector and this way you'll receive updates when any of those actions are executing.

@Select(actionsExecuting([Action1, Action2])) multipleActions$: Observable<ActionsExecuting>;