Compiler from dynamic structure expressions to live-updated documents

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  import nkisiDataflow from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@nkisi/dataflow';


Nkisi Dataflow Library

The Nkisi Dataflow library implements a compiler from dynamic structure expressions to live-updated documents driven by streamlet dataflow graphs.


A live updated data structure is represented as a RecordScope, which extends the base Nkisi Structure Record class. An ordinary Record can be recursively compiled into a RecordScope by invoking the RecordScope.create factory method. A compiled RecordScope has all of its nested expressions replaced by their evaluated state. Unlike evaluating a Record with an Interpreter, if a member of a RecordScope changes, all expressions that transitively depend on that member get flagged for recomputation, which occurs the next time recohereInput gets invoked on the RecordScope.

The Dataflow.compile method can also be used to compile an arbitrary Nkisi Structure expression into an Outlet that updates whenever the state of any of its transitively dependend expressions changes.