Add any path to node's require path

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Part of the [nodeutils package]

Add any path to node's require path

Simple straightforward tool to allow you to require locally


Install the package via npm:

$ npm install @nodeutils/reqhere --save


Wherever you want to be a module root:


And everything from there down will be included.


│   yourApp.js
    │   index.js
    │   itemA.js
    │   │   itemA.js
    │   │   itemB.js
    │   │   ...
    │   index.js

If myModules/index.js is given: require("@nodeutils/reqhere")(); Then everything in that directory is added to the path, and the following will work from ANYWHERE in the application:

require("itemA"); //myModules/itemA.js
require("directoryA/itemA"); //myModules/directoryA/itemA.js
require("directoryA/itemB"); //myModules/directoryA/itemB.js
require("directoryB"); //myModules/directoryV/index.js

What if I want to add multiple paths?

Not an issue. Add require("@nodeutils/reqhere")(); as many times as you like, and it will append (both Unix and Windows tested).

Can I namespace?

You sure can, and it's a good idea too, so you can spot the difference between an installable module and a local one.

  1. Make yourself a folder called something like components.

  2. In there make a file called index.js containing

    "use strict"; require("@nodeutils/reqhere")();

  3. Add a folder inside components called, for example, app.

  4. Inside app put all your modules and files.

  5. Done! From anywhere you can now `require("app/someModuleYouMade");

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