Buidler plugin to develop smart contracts in Vyper

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  import nomiclabsBuidlerVyper from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@nomiclabs/buidler-vyper';



npm buidler

Buidler plugin to develop smart contracts with Vyper.


This plugin adds support for Vyper to Buidler. Once installed, Vyper contracts can be compiled by running the compile task.

This plugin generates the same artifact format as the built-in Solidity compiler, so that it can be used in conjunction with all other plugins.

The Vyper compiler is run using the official Docker images.


First, you have to install Docker Desktop by following its Get Started guide.

Then, you need to install the plugin by running

npm install --save-dev @nomiclabs/buidler-vyper

And add the following statement to your buidler.config.js:


Required plugins

No plugins dependencies.


This plugin creates no additional tasks.

Environment extensions

This plugin does not extend the Buidler Runtime Environment.


This plugin adds an optional vyper entry to Buidler's config, which lets you specify the Vyper version to use. If no version is given, the latest one on Docker Hub will be used.

This is an example of how to set it:

module.exports = {
  vyper: {
    version: "0.1.0b9"


There are no additional steps you need to take for this plugin to work.

TypeScript support

You need to add this to your tsconfig.json's files array: "node_modules/@nomiclabs/buidler-vyper/src/type-extensions.d.ts"