Optimized Array Utility Library

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Optimized Array Utility Library.


Install using NPM: npm install nor-array

Example Usage

var ARR = require('nor-array');

var a = [1, 2, 3, 4];

ARR(a).forEach(function(v) {

Our implementation is was about 50% faster than the standard Array.prototype.forEach().

Compatibility with standard Array methods

Our implementations are not fully compatible with ECMAScript implementations of Array operations.

Most notably because our implementation expects:

  • Array is a dense (NOT sparse -- there must be no holes!)
  • Assumes that indexes are between zero (0) and array.length: 0 <= i < array.length
  • Does not support thisArg, call o.callback.bind(o) instead
  • The array indexes do not change while our .forEach() is running

This assumption is the reason why it is faster.

Function Reference

Sample usage Description
 ARRAY(a).valueOf() Returns the original array
ARRAY(a).forEach(..) See Array.prototype.forEach()
ARRAY(a).map(..) See Array.prototype.map()
ARRAY(a).filter(..) See Array.prototype.filter()
ARRAY(a).find(..) See Array.prototype.find()
ARRAY(a).findIndex(..) See Array.prototype.findIndex()
ARRAY(a).every(..) See Array.prototype.every()
ARRAY(a).some(..) See Array.prototype.some()
ARRAY(a).concat(..) See Array.prototype.concat()
ARRAY(a).indexOf(..) See Array.prototype.indexOf()
ARRAY(a).lastIndexOf(..) See Array.prototype.lastIndexOf()
ARRAY(a).join(..) See Array.prototype.join()
ARRAY(a).reduce(..) See Array.prototype.reduce()


The MIT style license, see LICENSE.

Commercial Support

You can buy commercial support from Sendanor.