Common Gulp tasks used in Northern Beat projects

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  import northernbeatGulpTasks from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@northernbeat/gulp-tasks';


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What is this package?

This package contains a set of Gulp tasks used in Northern Beat prototype and frontend development projects, exposed through a custom Undertaker registry. We only ever use them through the NPM package @northernbeat/prototype, so there may be some tie-ins that make them less than optimal for standalone usage.

  • assets - Copy configured lists of assets (fonts, images, favicons, etc.) from their given location to the proper location inside the build directory.
  • build-jquery-plugins - Build script for our jQuery plugins.
  • clean - Empties the build directory.
  • config - Dump/debug the current project config.
  • sass - Build CSS files from SASS project.
  • twig - Run HTML template generation using Twig.
  • watch - Helper task for running gulp watch on the project.
  • webserver - Fire up a webserver with the build directory as the document root.