A Base model for Knex

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npm MIT licensed

Completely inspired by knex-supermodel, just altered with some personal modifications to meet my needs


npm install -S @northernv/supermodel;
yarn add @northernv/supermodel;

In your models, that are Javascript classes, just extend with the main class

const { default: Base } = require('@northernv/supermodel')

class User extends Base {


@northernv/supermodel is meant to be a very lite but not quite an ORM for knex. This is accomplished by providing a base model that is simply an ES6 class that you extend in your own models. You can override the provided methods or even add to them to make your own. Each method will always return your model back to you!

This package requires ES6 features only available in node 6+.


  • Converts camelCase into snake_case for inserts / updates
  • Converts snake_case to camelCase automatigically

Static Examples

Each subclass will have automatic access to static methods to create, fetch, collection, forge, update and destroy, count, getAll.

const { default: Base } = require('@northernv/supermodel')
const knex = require('knex')
const db = knex({ ...knexOptions })

class User extends Base {
  constructor(opts) {

// Note: It converts properties to snake_case
const user = User.create({ fooBar: 'hello', barBaz: 'baz' }, { db });

console.log(user.fooBar); // hello
console.log(user.foo_bar); // hello
console.log(user.barBaz); // baz


You may either provide a transacting knex to each method or chain it.

let user;

knex.transaction((trx) => {
  User.fetch({ id: '123' }, { db: trx })
    .then((u) => {
      user = u;

      return user.update({ foo: 'baz' });


This software is licensed under the MIT license.