Simple scrabble solver using a trie data structure in Node.

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import nosweatScrabble from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@nosweat/scrabble';



Simple node scrabble solver using a trie data structure.

Data structure / anagram solver algorithm is basically directly forked from the excellent https://github.com/lyndseybrowning/trie-prefix-tree


yarn add @nosweat/scrabble


const scrabble = require('@nosweat/scrabble')
const answers = scrabble.find('qwerty')

// ["er", "et", "qwerty", "re", "ret", "rye", "tew", ...]


git clone https://github.com/codybarr/scrabble

Feel free to submit PRs if you'd like to contribute to the project.

yarn generate

This command will run the generate.js program. It scans the ./wordlists directory for wordlist files, prompts for a selection, and will generate a serialized trie in json format, and save it to the ./dictionaries/ folder.

If you would like to create a dictionary of your own you can add a new word list here.

Current Word Lists

If you want to use a different dictionary replace the words file with your own. Currently the NASPA word list is used by default.