Nova Charts is a library created to provide potential consumers with solutions for various data visualizations that conform with the Nova Design Language. It's designed to solve common patterns identified by UX designers, but also be very flexible so that

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  import novaUiCharts from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@nova-ui/charts';


Nova Nui Framework

The Nova Nui Framework provides a set of common UI-based components and services to assist with rapid web application development. Nui is built on the latest Angular and follows modern UX design principles and front-end software development practices.

Style Guide

The Nova UI coding Style Guide can be found here.

Project Structure

Nova UI consists of three packages within a single monorepo:

  • Bits - A set of atomic components to be used as building blocks for applications and more complex components. Exception - convenience components - prototypes of composite components, that are meant to accommodate a wide breadth of use cases.
  • Charts - A visualization library built on top of d3.
  • Dashboards - A framework designed to provide developers a solution for presenting data coming from various sources within a single view.


We encourage contributions to Nova whenever your team needs a new component, new functionality in an existing component, new icons, bug fixes or atom extensions.

Need help?

If You're Just Getting Started...

For package-specific information about getting started with development, please visit the corresponding README for each of the Nova UI packages: Bits, Charts, and Dashboards.

For additional instructions about Nova development in general, take a look at our How To page.

If You Have a Question...

Please check out our FAQ. If you don't find the answer to your question there, feel free to send us an email at nova-ui@solarwinds.com. We kindly ask that you try to avoid opening GitHub issues for general support questions as we'd like to reserve that communications channel for bug reports and feature requests.

Found a bug? Have an idea for a feature?

Please let us know! But...before submitting a feature request or issue report, please make sure it hasn't already been reported on our issues page. If you can't find an existing issue corresponding to your feedback, please create one using the GitHub issue portal.


Find tips for solving some common development environment problems here.