Checks dead links of markdown

Usage no npm install needed!

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A simple cli for checking dead links of markdown.


$ npm i check-md --save
$ npx check-md


Usage: check-md [options]

  -v, --version            output the version number
  -f, --fix                Check and try to fix
  -c, --cwd [path]         Working directory of check-md, default to process.cwd()
  -r, --root [path]        Checking url root, default to ./
  -p, --preset [name]      Preset config(eg vuepress, default)
  -P, --pattern [pattern]  Glob patterns, default to **/*.md
  -i, --ignore [pattern]   Ignore patterns, will merge to pattern, default to **/node_modules
  --exit-level [level]     Process exit level, default to error, other choice is warn and none, it will not exit if setting to none
  --default-index [index]  Default index in directory, default to README.md,readme.md
  -h, --help               output usage information

configure in package.json

  "check-md": {
    "cwd": "./",
    "defaultIndex": [ "index.md" ],
    "exitLevel": "warn",


Running cli in directory of test.md

The result is

Checking markdown...

1 warning was found

  Should use .md instead of .html: [test6](./other.html#ctx-get-name) (/Users/Workspace/check-md/test/fixtures/docs1/test.md:15:1)

5 dead links was found

  Url link is empty: [test1]() (/Users/Workspace/check-md/test/fixtures/docs1/test.md:5:5)
  Hash is not found: [test8](/other#cccc) (/Users/Workspace/check-md/test/fixtures/docs1/test.md:19:1)
  File is not found: [test9](/123.md#cccc) (/Users/Workspace/check-md/test/fixtures/docs1/test.md:21:1)
  Hash should slugify: [test12](./other.md#ctx.get(name) (/Users/Workspace/check-md/test/fixtures/docs1/test.md:27:1)
  File is not found: [test16](./123.md#ctx.get(name) (/Users/Workspace/check-md/test/fixtures/docs1/test.md:39:1)

Executes with --fix to fix automatically

Checking failed