A CSS flexbox grid package configurable via CSS Custom Properties and PostCSS.

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  import novicellFlexboxGrid from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@novicell/flexbox-grid';


Novicell Flexbox Grid

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This is a Flexbox Grid package inspired by Bootstrap 4 CSS layout and configurable via CSS Custom Properties and PostCSS.

How to use

The Flexbox Grid can be used in two ways, which is described below. The package should generally only be used together with som kind of CSS purge tool e.g. PurgeCSS for removing all the CSS classes that is not used.

Compiled mode

By using the compiled mode - you won't be able to change the CSS Custom Properties in the package which means that you are relying on Flexbox Grid's media-queries, gutter width etc. This mode is proberly fine for a lot of use-cases where there are no variables you wan't to change, but that is up to you.

CDN example

<!-- Import grid -->
<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@novicell/flexbox-grid/dist/grid.css"></script>

NPM example

// install the package
npm i @novicell/flexbox-grid
/* import the stylesheets in your css file */
@import '@novicell/flexbox-grid/dist/grid.css';

Uncompiled / source-code mode

By importing the source code directly from the package, we are able to overwrite the CSS Custom Properties that is used in the helpers.

Dependencies: POSTCSS dependencies for the project are, these are not included as dependencies in package.json to allow better customization. Make sure your postss.config.js has these included: postcss-each postcss-nested postcss-custom-calc postcss-custom-media postcss-custom-properties

Due to how POSTCSS handles parsing the CSS, you should always include postcss-each as as early as possible in your array of plugins.

NB: In order to overwrite the responsive CSS helpers you will need to install the postcss-custom-media plugin in your project since media-queries with CSS Custom Properties. If you don't want to output calc and CSS Custom Properties in your project, you can use the postcss-custom-properties and postcss-calc to transform these. All CSS Custom Properties can be found on the documentation site Example

// install the package
npm i @novicell/flexbox-grid;
/* Overwriting custom properties  */
body {
  --flexbox-grid-container-width: 970px; /* default is 1200px */

/* Overwriting custom media-queries  */
@custom-media --viewport-ms-min (min-width: 676px);  /* default is 576px */

/* import the stylesheets in your css file */
@import '../../node_modules/@novicell/flexbox-grid/dist/src/grid.css';




npm run dev // starts demo site with HMR
npm run build:src // run clean build without PostCSS transformation
npm run build:dist // run build with PostCSS transformation
npm run build // runs both build and compile
npm run lint // run stylelint
npm run lint:fix // run stylelint and fix fixable errors/warnings;


Looking to contribute something? Here's how you can help. Please take a moment to review our contribution guidelines in order to make the contribution process easy and effective for everyone involved.


The Novicell Flexbox Grid is licensed under the MIT license. (http://opensource.org/licenses/MIT)