Generate an API-Key for the Nemo API

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import nowtilusNemoApiKeyGenerator from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@nowtilus/nemo-api-key-generator';


NEMO API-Key Generator

This comman line utility let's you create a api-key that you can use to access the Nowtilus Backend.


1. Install NodeJS > v8.0.0 on your machine (if not done already)

2. Install the tool from the command line

npm i -g @nowtilus/nemo-api-key-generator

3. Run the tool on the command line


4. Follow the instructions on the screen

the output should be similar to

Your secret and Nowtilus API-Key have been successfully created:
  API-Key: ee152031-1f80-4733-b292-f531335f1954
  Hash: f7a8757d9b2d20b3e3de1ce761456e50f637584a435b28097ae87ded9bead606

What's next:
- Save the API-Key on a secure place and never hand it over to
  anyone outside your company. Espacially not to Nowtilus.
- Send the Hash to Nowtilus: 'tech-contact@nowtilus.tv' or your
  contact person. It'll be added to the system and you receive
  a notification shortly.
- To login with your api-key send it with every request to
  the Nowtilus APIs in the header as 'X-Api-Key' like:
    X-Api-Key: <your-api-key>
- Please keep your api-key up to date. If for any reason the
  api-key is no longer secure (compromised, person left the
  company, ...) create a new one and send the hash to Nowtilus