Static helpers for Angular reactive forms

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  import nowzooNgxFormHelpers from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@nowzoo/ngx-form-helpers';



Static helpers for Angular reactive forms

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Quick start

npm i @nowzoo/ngx-form-helpers --save


Clone the main repo and npm install...

git clone https://github.com/nowzoo/ngx-libs.git
cd ngx-libs
npm i

The library files are in projects/ngx-form-helpers.

The demo code is in projects/ngx-form-helpers-demo.

Building the library...

ng build ngx-form-helpers

Testing the library...

ng test ngx-form-helpers

To test with Wallaby, use the wallaby.js config at the root of the project directory.

Serving the demo...

# make sure you've built the library locally first with ng build ngx-form-helpers
ng serve ngx-form-helpers-demo


Please submit issues to the main repo here.