Official Nozbe Teams API wrapper for Node.js

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A npm package to connect with Nozbe Teams ✅

MIT License npm

What is @nozbe/teams-api?

@nozbe/teams-api is a way to interact with your Nozbe Teams account.

It allows you to create utilities for Nozbe Teams, list your projects, manage your tasks and comment on them. For now - It is continuosly developed to give you more possibilities.

⚠️ Note this package is still a WIP and the API may change (even if we do what we can to avoid that).


npm install @nozbe/teams-api


yarn add @nozbe/teams-api


Quick (over-simplified) example: adding the task to your Single tasks

To interact with Nozbe Teams you need to grab an API token from Settings -> Integrations.

First, you create a Nozbe Teams client:

import NozbeTeams from "@nozbe/teams-api";

const nozbeClient = new NozbeTeams("fakeApiToken123456");

Then, you can add a new task:

await client.addTask("Build a brand new app for Nozbe Teams!");

Simple as that.

You can find the basic API reference here.


We need you

@nozbe/teams-api is an open-source project and it needs your help to thrive!

If there's a missing feature, a bug, or other improvement you'd like, we encourage you to contribute! Feel free to open an issue to get some guidance.

If you make or are considering making an app using @nozbe/teams-api, please let us know!

Authors and license

@nozbe/teams-api was created by @Nozbe. Main author is Krystian Kościelniak.

@nozbe/teams-api is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.