Nodejs ORC file reader/writer

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  import npilotsNorc from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@npilots/norc';



This project provides a nodejs binding to apache orc core c++. This project is in very early stages of development

Run on AWS Lambda

NORC has a companion package norc-aws for execution in aws lambda. The binary provided in the norc-aws package is built on ORC master on Centos7.

Build notes:

  • use devtoolset-7
  • install snappy-devel, protobuf-devel and lz4-devel
  • disable java, libhdsfpp, tests, vendor libs, and tools
  • provide cmake variables protobuf_home,snappy_home, and lz4_home, these should all be /usr
  • set required flags; cmake_cxx_flags="-fPIC"
  • set linker flags: LDFLAGS=-Wl,-rpath=/var/task/node_modules/norc-aws/lib

To use norc in lambda use one of the pre-built release binaries. Install into an npm based project with npm i -S https://github.com/nPilots/norc/releases/download/{version}/norc-{version}-linux-aws-x64.tar.gz norc-aws


Convert a csv file to an orc file.

import {norc, DataType} from '@npilots/norc'
import {fromPath} from 'fast-csv'
function convert(csv:string, output:string): void {
    const writer = new norc.Writer(output)
    const schema = {x: DataType.SMALLINT, y: DataType.SMALLINT}
    fromPath(csv,{ headers: true })
        .on('data', chunk => {
            writer.add({x: chunk.x, y: chunk.y})
        .on('end', () => {
            // do something with .orc file

Read a file

import {norc: {Reader}} from '@npilot/norc'
// Read as iterator
const reader = new Reader('/path/to/orcfile')
reader.read({columns: ['id', 'foobar']}, (err, it) => {
    let i = it.next()
    while(!i.done) {
        // do something with i.value
        i = it.next()
// Read and listen .on('data')
reader.on('data', chunk => {
    chunk = JSON.parse(chunk)
    // do something with chunk
reader.on('end', () => {
    // end of contents