Typescript definitions for npm registry content

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import npmTypes from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@npm/types';



Typescript definitions for npm registry content

import * as npm from '@npm/types';

const pkg = require('pacote');

pkg.packument('libnpm').then((obj: npm.Packument) => {
  console.log(obj.name, 'is the name of the package');


Make it easier for typescript users to work with npm registry content!

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Types should have comments so documentation on npm object properties can appear in vscode contextual popups.


  • npm.PackageJson

    • the object in the json file you have in your project
  • npm.PackageLock

    • the file generated for you by npm that pins your deps.
  • npm.Packument

    • the document you get from https://registry.npmjs.org/<package name here>
  • npm.Manifest

    • the document you get from curl -H 'accept:application/vnd.npm.install-v1+json' https://registry.npmjs.org/<package name here>


  • npm.PackageVersion

    • the objects in the version fields of Packuments
  • npm.LockDependency

    • how package locks describe dependencies and sub dependencies
  • npm.ManifestVersion

    • the version object in an AbbreviatedPackument
  • npm.Dist

    • the object in npm.PackageVersion that holds the tarball location and checksums
  • npm.NpmScripts

    • helpful object with all of the possible npm hooks
  • npm.Maintainer

    • common type for author, maintainers etc used in many objects
  • npm.Repository

    • string or object of repo data