Automates creating a github releases and uploading build assets.

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import nrfcloudGithubReleaseUtil from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@nrfcloud/github-release-util';



Utility script to automate gitHub release workflow and uploading of build assets (optional).


Interactive Mode

To use with your project install (npm i -D @nrfcloud/github-release-util) and add the following to your package.json. Afterwards, you can run npm run release to automatically create a new release on GitHub.

    "scripts": {
        "release": "gru"

CLI mode

By default this script walks the user through the decisions to create a release. It also has an option to send in all the options at once (no prompt). The following is an example of the available options. You can get this output by running npx gru --cli --help.

Usage: index.ts [options]

  -o, --owner <owner>                     owner (default to .env file)
  -r, --repo <repo>                       repo (default to .env file)
  -k, --git-hub-token <gitHubToken>       gitHub token (default to .env file)
  -n, --release-name <releaseName>        release name (default to tag)
  -m, --release-message <releaseMessage>  release message
  -t, --target-tag <targetTag>            release tag
  -p, --prev-tag <prevTag>                previous tag (for commit message purposes, only used if release message is not defined)
  -b, --is-beta                           Is beta release
  -c, --should-upload-build-assets        compress and upload build assets
  -d, --build-dir <buildDir>              build dir
  -l, --cli                               cli
  -v, --show-token                        show token (shows token in output, defaults to false.)
  -h, --help                              output usage information

# without build assets
npx gru --cli -t "<tag>"

# with build assets
npx gru --cli -t "<tag>" -c -d "<build dir>"

# this can also be called without the alias by using the following:
npx @nrfcloud/github-release-util --cli -t "<tag>" -c -d "<build dir>"


This script automatically looks for a .env file at the project root. The repo includes a .env.sample file. To use with your project, run cp node_modules/@nrfcloud/github-release-util/.env.sample ./.env. The file includes the following config variables:


In interactive mode, you will be prompted for these if the values don't exist in the .env file.

In CLI mode, the script will fall back to the values in the .env file if not passed in explicitly.

Get a GitHub token by following these steps.


The release must be linked to a tag. And the tag for which you're deploying must have been created before you run this script.