A set of useful rxjs operators

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  import nrlRxjsOperators from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@nrl/rxjs-operators';


NRL RxJS Operators

This project contains a set of custom RxJS "pipeable" operators.

Here is the list of currently available operators with a short description and their development status :

  • Tree Handling Operators

    • sub-tree
      Get the sub tree at the given position.
      Status : done

    • tree-find
      Get an array contaning nodes that satisfy a given condition.
      Status : done

    • tree-leafs
      Get an array containing tree leafs.
      Status : done

    • tree-map
      Transform a tree into another tree with mapped nodes.
      Status : done

    • tree-path
      Get an array contaning nodes on the given path.
      Status : done

    • tree-root
      Get root node.
      Status : done

    • tree-get
      Get the node at a given position.
      Status : done